Lastest News
Paid Bonus
Published on 21-03-2018

We are adding a new feature which is the paid bonus signup feature which will give your account a level up membership which is free paid signup. Enjoy!

Membership Upgrade
Published on 14-02-2018

Hello Members we have updated the membership area, from now on we are doing free membership for standard accounts, then we have Golden and Platnium memberships. All membership will give you access to more credits more time to be spent to spend on traffic. Just checkout that we also have a special going on for login ads if you pay $10.00 for an ad you will get 30 days of login ads for your site. Check back later to see more updates a news on RvClicked Paid to Click Serivce.

Credits Update
Published on 11-02-2018

Hello RvClicked Members,

We are doing a special for the holidays to get more credits for less then what you may guess but more on enough to drive traffic to yourwebsite. 

  • 1000 Credits for $2.40
  • 5000 Credits for $14.00
  • 10000 Credits for $23.99

Enjoy this special package and later on we will do an update for upgrade members update. But for now since we are farely new just enough to get the credits and traffic flowing!

What to promote?
Published on 08-02-2018

Hello everyone all you have to do is promote your paid to click ads. We have exactly all of your promotional needs. If you promote any of niches of course anything that is dealing with traffic is also a plus. Because most traffic that we receive are from traffic exhanges. These platforms are good for our network. If you support anything from being made through a network that has been already established and on the need to be a boost to any squeeze type of site these paid to click website will put more traffic to any website for your passive needs to lead generated traffic.

First Purchase
Published on 07-02-2018

If you would like to make your first purchase you could get instant credits. We are going to add more subscription based accounts for higher referral or members that want to make extra cash throughout the PTC experience. We just only have the standard membership at the moment because we just opened and want to get more members to lookout and see whats going on. If you know anyone that maybe interested in a Paid to Click service website let them know and RvClicked will get them signedup and eventually get them started with new membership or credits to go towards there browsing site for income traffic. Enjoy!